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About Us

Team School


The staff of the TEAM School holds first to the belief that all students can learn and that is our duty to guide each student to perform to their highest academic and social potential.

We are committed to providing a student-centered environment that provides for individual differences and yields students who are capable of becoming effective communicators, logical problem solvers, independent workers, and creative thinkers.

By modeling and practicing cooperation, mutual respect, and appreciation of the students, staff, and administration, we will accomplish the task of developing students who are capable of being skilled, knowledgeable, and responsible citizens of our society.


Cleburne TEAM School is designed to meet the needs of students who are in danger of not obtaining a high school diploma. TEAM School, which stands for Together Everyone Achieves More, was established in 1990 to address the specific needs of at-risk students who are not behavior problems, but who have encountered life-altering circumstances such as pregnancy, illness, truancy, or even homelessness. Cleburne TEAM School was designed to target those students who are one or more grade levels behind and place them in an intensive accelerated-paced curriculum to provide them the opportunity to graduate in a four year time period. Before TEAM School existed such students would often drop out. Yet, due to the highly “student-centered” atmosphere TEAM school provides, these students not only graduate but become productive citizens and continue their post-secondary education.

 The TEAM School program is an accelerated-paced curriculum with continual academic discipline-assisted testing designed to assess student abilities and mastery of all subject areas. What may be most unusual is that we believe the teaching-learning approach that works best for these at-risk students is a “gifted and talented” strategy rather than a remedial or “one-size” fits all approach. TEAM School faculty and staff reinforce positive expectations by forging powerful relationships between students, teachers, parents, and administration.